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May 22, 2021 · It's recommended to train up your Crew for at least 2-3 crew slots on each of the nations you plan to play, keep note that you should train the following 2-3 slots for different vehicles (for example 1-2 for planes, 1-2 for aircraft) however if you only plan on playing realistic and simulator battles you will only need 1-2 trained crew slots. .
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  • Pre-order - M1 KVT Pack.
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    It also carries 6 x Browning machine guns.

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    Originally posted by Major Blank: Play p80 its t he best starter jet because its well rounded compared to other jets of same br.

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    italy - f84 or vampire.

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    I was hoping to get a F-16C as a premium US, was looking to get a Mirage IIIS Swiss Air Force in the french TT and a Mirage IIIRS Swiss Air Force premium in the french TT.