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Some modern philosophers inclined to the view that the entirely. .
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  • A philosophical understanding of the progression of world history enables us to know this God, to comprehend the nature and purpose of Geist.
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    Philosophy of History.

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  • Different intellectual traditions have competing, often incompatible definitions of what could or should count as proper 'theory/philosophy of history'.
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    It is history whose mode of representation is not really confined by the limits of the time to which it relates, but whose spirit transcends the present.

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  • Philosophy of history in the traditional sense is conceived to be a first-order inquiry, its subject matter being the historical process as a whole and its broad aim being to provide an overall.
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  • 19th Century.
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    May 1, 2011 · This is the first complete translation in over 150 years of what many consider to be Hegel's most accessible work.