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These, together with the related Mingrelian (Megrelian), Laz (Chan), and Svan languages, make up the Kartvelian, or South Caucasian, language family. .
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  • It was a path that landed him in jail for years, but now, he is ready to fight.
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    Georgian Has Many Similarities: There are several similarities between Armenian and Georgian.

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    It has a "free" word order structure which exists in both Russian and Armenian (because of their agglutination), but has the additional component of having the subjects and objects built into the verb structure (Harris, 7).

  • Harusan felt he had little choice in life but to follow his father's footsteps and become a Japanese gangster.
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    It also has a case system, imperative forms, and negative sentences.

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  • Among the Kartvelian languages, Georgian is most closely related to the so-called Zan languages (Megrelian and Laz); glottochronological studies indicate that it split from the latter approximately 2700 years ago.
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  • Georgian language, Georgian Kartuli ena, official language of the republic of Georgia, whose spoken form has many dialects, usually divided into East Georgian and.
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    Also the alphabet is not similar to anything else, and I've learned only 2 letters of it.

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    Georgian can be traced back to a ancestral language— Proto-Kartvelian—that it shares with its close relatives: Mingrelian, Svan and Laz.