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Calypso’s origins are very confusing in Greek mythology. Mar 8, 2021 · In classical mythology, Circe was an enchanter or a sorceress, the daughter of the god Helios and the Oceanid nymph Perse.
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  • Primordial goddess of the Earth.
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    He developed a love of violence that surpassed that of any other Olympian, which made him the perfect candidate for being.

  • Primordial goddess of the Earth.
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    Odysseus also plays a key role in Homer's Iliad and other works.

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  • Menhit, goddess of war, "she who massacres".
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    Neith, goddess of war, hunting, and wisdom.

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    The Hunger Games Prequel - The Loop.

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    Calypso was one of the many nymphs, minor goddesses of nature in Greek mythology.